36 minutes | Apr 30, 2018

Episode 38: Young, Restless, Wesleyan (Part 2)

What would it be like for Evangelical Arminians and Evangelical Calvinists to work together for the sake of the Gospel? What would it be like for us to see one another as brothers? What if we "agree to disagree" and then work together to advance the Kingdom of God like Wesley and Whitfield did? John Wesley was a "hair's breadth" from Calvinism while remaining very far from the liberal English "Arminianism" of his time. Modern Wesleyan-Arminians should occupy the same exact space. May we adopt Wesley's spirit in today's theological landscape. Calvinists and Arminians have legitimate differences that there is nothing wrong with discussing, but it is best to do so as brothers. In this episode we also discuss Wesley's use of Puritan sources and how he edited the works of Puritans to share with the Methodists. Listen to this episode and then please share it with your Arminian and Calvinist friends. 

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