17 minutes | Jan 15, 2020

54: #1 Reason Why You Haven't Reached Your Fitness Goal Yet...But You Will

Around this time in the month of January I start to see “the slip.” Where the gyms start to get a little less busier and the diets rules start to bend.  In this weeks podcast, I go into the one factor I’ve seen from those that achieve their fitness goals compared to those that don’t.   Also in the episode: Shifting the focus to How instead of just the why  What exercise should really feel like in order to succeed  The 5 Fitness Personalities and how to find out which one you are  Update on my 30 Challenge to Wake Up Earlier + Starting My Day  Check out today's episode and let me know your thoughts in the comment fields. Peace, MC K.I.M Please This Week In Health Tech Podcast where Vik Patel and I go over the latest news and technology in the Health Care Indust. *Get in Touch with Me: * Website: www.remixmyfitness.com Team Remix on FB: https://www.facebook.com/remixmyfitness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/remixmyfitness/ Email: mckim@remixmyfitness.com
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