25 minutes | Nov 2, 2020

Season 2, Episode 3: Growth Mindsets and Pedagogical Backflips

Episode Notes Hi! Welcome to our latest episode of Remarks & Reflections, a podcast offering insights into topics that are important to the Hillbrook community and the broader worlds of education and parenting. I’m your host, Head of School Mark Silver, and I invite you to join us for what we hope are lively conversations about a whole range of ideas and issues that connect with our vision - to inspire children to achieve their dreams and reach beyond themselves to make a difference in the world. Today’s episode is the second in a series in which I talk with different members of our community about life at school during our hybrid learning model. Today I am joined by 3rd grade teachers, Heather Stinnett and Susanna Long, as well as several of their students. Hear about the pedagogical backflips that teachers are making, as well as the growth mindsets that have been developed - and needed - by all of the members of the 3rd grade community. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
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