27 minutes | Aug 27, 2020

Season 2, Episode 1: "What side of the river are you on?"

Episode Notes Hi! Welcome to our latest episode of Remarks & Reflections, a podcast offering insights into topics that are important to the Hillbrook community and the broader worlds of education and parenting. I’m your host, Head of School Mark Silver, and I invite you to join us for what we hope are lively conversations about a whole range of ideas and issues that connect with our vision - to inspire children to achieve their dreams and reach beyond themselves to make a difference in the world. In this first episode of the 2020-21 school year, I am excited to speak with Associate Head of School Colleen Schilly and new School Counselor Genna Lyons. Colleen and Genna offer insight into helping children and families transition into a new school year. In a year unlike any other, they offer invaluable advice for helping all of us manage stress and anxiety. Genna shares a powerful metaphor from psychiatrist Dan Siegel, who encourages us to visualize ourselves floating down "a river of well being." Listen to find out more!
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