38 minutes | Oct 19, 2020

Gene Valentino | Election 2020, COVID-19, & the 28th Amendment | Season 2 Episode 42

EPISODE OVERVIEW: So what happens when Gene Valentino and David Pasqualone get together to discuss private business? A public podcast is born! 😂 Check out this Remarkable episode where our friend and political expert, Gene Valentino, guides us through Election 2020, COVID-19, the 28th Amendment to the US Constitution, and what it all means to us today, and tomorrow. This is a must listen to episode for every American looking for guidance during such a controversial time in American history. Check it out here, share it with your family & friends, and forward it to your congress people. Time is ticking. Let's do this now! 💪🗽GUEST BIO: Founding president of CellularOne, pioneering visionary of the online payment industry, serial entrepreneur, local government leader, major motion picture award-winning executive producer, race car driver, recreational pilot, and remarkably nice guy, Gene M. Valentino shares some of his life experience and perspective with us. This podcast is filled with sound knowledge, wisdom, and constitutional truths we all need to know for today, and tomorrow. Enjoy!FEATURED QUOTE(S): "Those who stand for nothing fall for anything." - Alexander HamiltonEPISODE PROUDLY SPONSORED BY:Pam Heinold, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – Pensacola, FLCreationToday.org, Trump 2024 Movie LinkSHOW NOTES, LINKS, CONTACT INFO, SPECIAL OFFERS, & RESOURCES MENTIONED:Gene's Website: https://GeneValentino.comGene's New BatCaveGrassroots TruthcastThe Gene Valentino Story, Season 2 Episode 4: Seizing Opportunity, Adversity, & TriumphHOW TO SUPPORT THE REMARKABLE PEOPLE PODCAST:Subscribe, Rate, and Review us in your favorite podcast directories & players 🥰Share the podcast with your family, friends, co-workers, church, and social media networks 🚀(https://bit.ly/ShareRPP)Sign-up for our once a week email club to get the latest news, updates, and new episode release notifications 📧(https://bit.ly/RPPUpdates)Shop our store and support your favorite podcast, guest, and charities around the world! 👕(https://bit.ly/ShopRPP)Sponsor an Episode or Season💪 (https://bit.ly/SponsorRPP)Donate to the show and help the Remarkable People Podcast reach more people around the world! 😇🌎 (https://bit.ly/SupportRPP)THANKS FOR LISTENING TO THE REMARKABLE PEOPLE PODCAST! 🎈Have a Question?Click here to connect with David: https://davidpasqualone.com/contact-us-connect/THE NOT-SO-FINE-PRINT DISCLAIMER:While we are very thankful for our guests, please understand that we do not necessarily endorse all the same beliefs, views, and positions that they may have. We respectfully agree to disagree in some areas and thank God for the blessing and privilege of freewill.😇 Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=NDM34NHTKACSG&source=url)
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