127 minutes | Feb 2, 2021

Do You Know Mama Margot? Creator & Host of the Military Murder Podcast | Her Story, Learning Vicariously, & A Winners Mindset

So do you really know Mama Margot, Creator and Host of the Military Murder Podcast?  In this Remarkable episode, watch or listen to the amazing Mama Margot tell her remarkable journey of rising from poverty, to going to college, joining the ROTC, serving in the US Military, completing law school, getting married, raising a family, and yes, podcasting. In this packed double episode, Mama Margot joins David Pasqualone to unpack the importance of having a positive outlook, not going to bed upset, learning from others successes and failures, and tips and tricks for growing a world famous podcast. All this and more in this weeks episode of the Remarkable People Podcast, the Mama Margot Story!GUEST BIO: Mama Margot is the host of Military Murder, a podcast that focuses on telling true crime as it relates to military members and veterans. During this chat with Margot, she discusses her upbringing and how being raised in a poor, inner-city, living off of welfare and section 8 housing forced her to strive to not be a victim of circumstance, but instead forced her to learn from her surroundings. Margot not only learned from mentors and role models, but she took what she didn’t like in some people and used that to her advantage – it taught her to learn from other people’s mistakes.Margot built her beliefs around God and that propelled her to succeed at whatever obstacle came her way.FEATURED QUOTE(S): “Bad role models are just as valuable as good role models to help you grow. Take what you learn and put it in your toolkit and use it. ” – Mama Margot“Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:” – Ephesians 4:26SHOW NOTES, LINKS, CONTACT INFO, SPECIAL OFFERS, & RESOURCES MENTIONED:Contact Mama Margot:Website: https://militarymurderpodcast.comJoin the Community: http://bit.ly/TrueCrimeArmyBulletinInstagram: https://instagram.com/militarymurderpodcast Facebook: https://facebook.com/militarytruecrimeSpecial Offer(s):Exclusively for our Remarkable Community, enjoy learning how to podcast for Only $20.21 with our global “Podcasting Made Easy: How to Launch a Successful Podcast in 8 Weeks – or Less!” course that includes Lifetime Membership! Just visit https://davidpasqualone.com/product/podcasting-made-easy-how-to-launch-a-successful-podcast-in-8-weeks-or-less-2/, add the the class to your cart, and use promo code, “RPP2021” at checkout. Enjoy and see you in class soon!  HOW TO SUPPORT THE REMARKABLE PEOPLE PODCAST:Subscribe, Rate, and Review us on YouTube and your favorite podcast players Share the podcast with your family, friends, co-workers, church, and social media networks (https://bit.ly/ShareRPP)THANKS FOR LISTENING TO THE REMARKABLE PEOPLE PODCAST! Have a Question?Click here to connect with David THE NOT-SO-FINE-PRINT DISCLAIMER:While we are very thankful for our guests, please understand that we do not necessarily endorse all the same beliefs, views, and positions that they may have. We respectfully agree to disagree in some areas and thank God for the blessing and privilege of freewill.Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=NDM34NHTKACSG&source=url)
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