15 minutes | Jul 24, 2017

The Pilot

This is the very first episode of Relentless Radio. Thank you for pushing play! If you are tuning in right now, it is for 1 of 2 reasons. You know me and want to show your love and support. You thought the name Relentless Radio sounded dope and wanted to check this podcast out. Either way, I hope it’s all that you hoped it to be! I want to kick this off with a little story about me and how a small mustard seed of hope can actually take root and grow when you least expect it. When I was a young kid I had a vast and vibrant imagination- like most kids do. Except I wasn’t like most other little girls. I didn’t play or pretend like the other girls...you know, tea parties, pretending to be a nurse, or teacher, or princess. I didn’t want to wear bows and dresses or pretend it was my wedding day. Nope. I was NOTHING like that. To give you an idea, I dreamed of being the 1st woman to play in the NBA. To get back to the topic- how a dream the size of a mustard seed grows. When I was younger and imagining what I wanted to be when I grew up, I once imagined and pretended to be a radio DJ personality. I must have been 9 or 10 when I would record myself hosting a radio show that would include topics, commercials, and music! Because I had a vast imagination and a deep love for basketball, I would also pretend to be a basketball coach. I would draw up plays, give pep talks before, during, and after games. I would also call timeouts and give feedback and tips to perform better. Fast forward to 2017, right now, and HERE I am! I have my very own podcast- Relentless Radio! Except this time there is a real microphone and a real specific message. Thoughts and dreams come back to you. The law of attraction is real. What you put out into the universe- energy and dreams- can and will boomerang back to you IF you’re paying attention and IF you seize the moment. To add to that- I own a gym, Black Powder CrossFit, where I am the sole owner and head coach. Yep, I said the word coach! I am a coach. I have created a very unique path for myself. I have somehow been blessed with the opportunities to pursue my childhood dreams. I have a very long way to go before I get to where I am going, but I am positive that I am on my way. Don’t think that I have not spent a considerable amount of time falling down, failing, making mistakes. I am not without flaws or imperfections. I have fallen flat on my face many times only t
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