40 minutes | Jul 30th 2018

Misdiagnosing Women w/ Maya Dusenbery

Janie talks to Maya Dusenbery, the author of "Doing Harm: The Truth about How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick," about the specific biases within the medical system that work against women and specifically women of color, women with disabilities, trans women, and older women, as well as the double bind that works against female patients in which the expression of too much pain is labeled "hysteria" and the suppression of pain leads to misdiagnosis. Maya also discusses her solutions for a more feminist and inclusive medical system that works for all.FOLLOW RELATIVELY HEALTHY ON TWITTER:twitter.com/844stolarxSUBSCRIBE/RATE on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.RELATIVELY HEALTHY IS A FOREVER DOG PODCAST.http://foreverdogproductions.com/fdpn/podcasts/relatively-healthy
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