49 minutes | Jul 4, 2020

Corporate Life to Entrepreneur and Running for Mayor of Irvine with Luis Huang

What's up Love gang? I was taking a little bit of a break here on the channel to get some things in place for my business venture that I can't wait to announce soon...but we are back at it again this week with another interview.  Luis Huang is not your typical American and not your typical ABC (American Born Chinese) either.   He is a confluence of all factors and has broken corporate barriers and systemic political barriers along the way. He is our first mayoral candidate on the show and he's got quite the interesting story. He has found success in multitudes of avenues and has the confidence to help change and impact his community for the better.    We dove in on his love life, his business life , as well as his bid to seek change in his own neighborhood. Connect with Luis below.   LINKS BELOW   Website - https://www.luishuang4irvine.com/ Instagram - https://www.instragram.com/luishuang4... Twitter - https://twitter.com/LuisForIrvine Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LuisHuang4Ir...
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