37 minutes | Mar 17th 2016

Ep. 29 Dysfunctional Relationships with Mark Borg, Grant Brenner & Daniel Berry

In our in-depth interview with Mark Borg, Grant Brenner and Daniel Berry, the co-authors of Irrelationship, we discuss how we may use dysfunctional relationships to hide from intimacy. In today's interview we will cover: The examples of dysfunctional relationships and how this hide us from intimacy, the concept of Irrelationship and BrainLock and how it can effect our relationships and the major defenses systems that couples commonly create within their relationship and how to overcome them. We will also cover: the main loops and patterns couples could get stuck in relation to sex, parenting, money and communication, and how the DREAM Sequence helps couples break free from irrelationship insanity. If you are getting stuck in dysfunctional loops and patterns in your relationship this interview will help you begin to shift into healthier relationship patterns.