26 minutes | Mar 12th 2016

Ep. 28 "Start with Why" in your Relationship

In our in-depth interview with David Mead, corporate trainer for the world-renowned thought leader Simon Sinek, we will incorporate the "start with why" concept to our relationships with our romantic partner, family members, friends and our relationship with ourselves and our purpose. David works with leaders to help them create an environment where people show up to work because they feel inspired, not because they have to. He is also co-hosts the Start With Why podcast, which is downloaded in over 150 countries and counting. In today's interview we will cover: "Starting with why" in your relationship. We will also cover: the “start with why” concept and how can you apply this concept to romantic relationships, relationships with our parents and siblings and our children. We will also cover: how committed partners can shift their perception in the heat of the moment, what leadership really is and how to successfully apply these same principles in your relationship or home environment. If you are wanting to get the positive biological benefits in your relationship or family environment by incorporating the “start with why” concept in your home, this interview will help you learn how a couple or family can apply these simple principles into daily interactions, when dealing with conflict or challenges.