39 minutes | May 15, 2020

Building a Foundation for Success with Schelli Whitehouse

Most horse business owners start in the middle. They skip the critical foundational pieces of getting their businesses up and running, and it often comes around to bite them later.

How do we know? Because Laura and April both made this mistake. They got a few clients and were off to the races, but never sat down to formally define their ideal clients or set up signature offers.

Now we are re-writing emails, re-designing websites, and spending LOTS of time correcting the mistakes we made in the beginning.

Do you have a well-defined audience? A signature product or service that helps one specific person?

If not, don't worry! Schelli Whitehouse with the Equine Inspired life is here to save the day. In Episode 22, she walks us through exactly what we need to do to set the record straight, and bolster the foundations of our businesses by going back and re-doing these steps we missed.

The best part? She has a step by step course that will help us get it done, and it's just $27

Grab it here: https://www.schelliwhitehouse.com/elevator-speech

See more of this episode at https://www.reininyourherd.com/22

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