57 minutes | Jun 16, 2020

BONUS: Young Black Equestrians the Podcast - Uncover Raven Benjamin

 The last three weeks have brought to light how badly the horse industry needs to change. We need to become more inclusive of EOC (equations of color). ⁣It’s not the responsibility of EOC to teach us how to create a welcoming industry. It’s our responsibility as white equestrians to educate ourselves, be more intentional, and create an environment that everyone feels welcome in. ⁣⁣So what can you do about it? Start by subscribing to Young Black Equestrians the Podcast. Hosts Abriana and Caitlin do an amazing job telling the stories of black equestrians. This BONUS episode that they shared with us to air on our platform is just one powerful story of many. Be the bridge. Follow black equestrians, get to know them, and make them feel welcome in your communities.⁣Website: https://www.youngblackequestrians.com/
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