31 minutes | Aug 22, 2021

Depreciation Acceleration Through Cost Segregation with Joseph Viery #262

Joseph Viery has worked exclusively with property owners since 2001, successfully providing tax, retirement, and estate planning strategies. By using legal, IRS compliant and proven tax planning structures combined with effective engineered based studies, he specializes in working with those who want to protect their assets and create wealth. Mr. Viery began his career in the cost segregation industry in 2008 and has been speaking to REALTORS®, property owners, and tax professionals throughout the nation. These concepts provide the tax professional and real estate owner’s powerful tools to legally defer or eliminate the income tax and to comply with the new Tangible Property Regulations.

After working for other organizations for the past 11 years, Mr. Viery, along with other partners in the cost segregation industry, have joined forces and have created their own organization. Combined, the partner’s offer over 30 years of engineered cost segregation experience. USTAGI has taken modern technology and with strong engineering, practices has created one of the most compliant studies with the greatest tax savings benefits, in the industry.

In addition to cost segregation for large $500M buildings to Single Family Residences, US Tax Advisors Group, Inc. offers other tax savings strategies: 179d and 45L energy tax credits and savings as well as Research and Development (R&D) tax credits.

In addition to his professional practice, Mr. Viery remains active in the community. A native San Diegan, Mr. Viery and his family live and work in Southern California. He is active in several associations and organizations including Meals-on-Wheels, YMCA, and Chamber of Commerce.

We chat about:
  • What is cost segregation?
  • Who (what property owner) should do cost segregation.
  • If the building will be sold in the near future, should cost segregation be considered?
  • What if the owner is a passive investor?
  • Can cost segregation be performed on buildings acquired prior to 2020, and if yes, how far back can one go?
  • Are taxpayers who have buildings using accelerated depreciation (cost segregation) more likely to be audited by the IRS?
  • What should one look for in a cost segregation company?

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