24 minutes | May 2nd 2019

Episode 8 - DriveBuyREI - Nate Pummel

FINALLY...a real estate investing platform for every investor, built by an investor!  Have you heard of DriveBuy REI?  Not only are they an app that helps you capture and collect distressed properties but they are a full REI platform that gives investors, large and small, the tools they need to succeed in real estate investing.  With the DriveBuy REI platform you could drive for dollars with the mobile app, which looks up the property owners names and mailing addresses with the push of a button, and send best in class direct mail with a couple of clicks.  Now THEY HAVE DONE IT!  Nate and his team is bringing you the latest and greatest... As you know from his interview with Nick, (here) DriveBuy REI considers our users our partners, and we continue to look for ways to get our customers the best services, tools and data.  Nate mentioned to Nick that they were working hard at bringing customers SKIP TRACING.  Well, we've come through in a huge way.  These guys actually have partnered with a special investigator to get the BEST and ONLY legal skip tracing data that can be used in the real estate investing industry.  This dude used to hunt down fugitives as a special agent, and now he's helping Nate's customers track down properties...crazy.  Help us help you.  If you want to build a list driving for dollars, awesome, they have you covered.  If you have a list and you want to send direct mail and skip trace without a subscription and without the crazy volume requirements, they have you covered.  The only way to succeed in this business is to move forward and take action...start by signing up with DriveBuy REI.  RIGHT HERE
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