45 minutes | Jan 30th 2019

EPISODE 3 - Why Not Start a Vlog for REI?

Want to know how to get starting Vlogging?  Well this episode gives you the tips & tricks for software, lighting, equipment and choosing a topic. Join this huge video evolution and promote YOUR Real Estate Business today! ⭐️Powered By SSIC...another great (and informative) podcast. Check us out at: https://ssiconline.com/ for upcoming events. MORE⭐️ Alright...this one was a BLAST! Chris brings a SUPER fresh approach to marketing for Real Estate in St. Louis. He is also a "show hog"...LOL. There is also a quiz here...Nick found a very "quirky" item in one of his finds. Need your help to find out WT_ this is please. Today's Guru: Chris Vandehey's Information: Owner - Kinetic Visuals - Videographer Same Day Video Ads: http://samedayvideoads.com/ Kinetic Visuals: http://kineticvisuals.com/ Chris' Vlog: https://goo.gl/81fquc Chris' E-mail: chris@kineticvisuals.com
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