50 minutes | Oct 18th 2018

REI Diamonds Show with Scott Shatford on How to Analyze the Airbnb Vacation Rental Market

Scott & I Discuss

  • Regulatory Risk of Airbnb
  • Selecting the Properties with Best Location
  • Does High End Reno Pay More?
  • Which Amenities Make More Successful Properties?


Analyzing the Data from More than 4 Million Properties

After listing his own apartment in Santa Monica, California on Airbnb and discovering the potential of the short term vacation rental market, Scott began amassing a portfolio of units.  At around a dozen, he realized that there are likely good and bad markets for this product and began compiling data to figure out where the best markets were located.  This led Scott to build Airdna, the world’s largest source of data available for short term vacation rentals.  


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