43 minutes | Feb 27, 2019

REI Diamonds Show with Saul Z on Leveling Up in Real Estate

Saul & I Discussed

  • Progression to Industrial Warehouse Deals

  • Mobile Home Parks

  • Funding 5-10 Single Family Flips per Month

  • Choosing the Right Neighborhoods to Flip Houses


From Appraiser to Agent to Investor

Saul Z began his career in real estate as an appraiser before moving into the agent/broker world and ultimately graduating to an investor.  Saul has a habit of looking at the business and seeing who is making the biggest piece of the pie, then going after that portion of the business.  With the advent of Amazon & the internet in general, Saul noticed a big opportunity in warehouse space and has since shifted his focus to deals of this nature-with $200,000 cash flow AFTER making the mortgage payments. 


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