40 minutes | Jul 12th 2018

REI Diamonds Show with Reed Goossens on Raising $9.5 Million Dollars for a Multi Family Deal

Reed & I Discuss

  • Structure for Raising $9.5 Million Dollars in One Deal
  • Projected Profit Over $10 Million
  • Benefits of Scaling Your Real Estate Investment
  • Graduating from Duplexes & Triplexes to 200+ Unit Deals


Low Barrier to Entry into U.S. Real Estate Market

Chris Prefontaine is a bestselling author and real estate investor with over

26 years of experience in the field, including 18 years as a builder, realtor,

broker/owner and investor.. He’s always been an entrepreneur even when

he didn’t know it.  When he used to drag his wagon up to the street corner

and sell junk from his closet or when he used to purchase gum by the pack

and sell by the slice in middle school.

In 1991, Chris began building homes and built 100 homes before starting

his own brokerage.  He then become a broker/owner and was selling 100

homes a year with his small team.  Since the 2008 debacle he realized he

needed to reinvent his business so that he no longer had to use his own

money or credit. 

Aer years of coaching independently, Chris founded Smart Real Estate

Coach in 2014. The company coaches investors on how to scale & automate

their business throughout the US and Canada- all without using their cash

or credit. Chris and his team, which includes his kids, have done over $80

million in real estate transactions. They mentor, coach, consult and have

Associates around the country doing exactly what they do. On top of that,

they run their own buying and selling business so they’re in the trenches

every single week.  Between their existing Associates around the Country

and their own deals, they’re still doing 5-10 properties every month and

control as of now between $20 million -$25 million of real estate with little

to no money down

Reed came to the U.S. from Australia in 2012 to pursue a career in structural engineering and discovered that we have a much lower barrier to entry to begin investing in real estate here than back home.  After buying a triplex and a few duplexes, Reed decided it would be much quicker to scale up his rents and values by buying hundreds of units at a time.  Fast forward a few years and Reed now only buys large multi family assets exceeding a few hundred units per deal.  We dissect his most recent acquisition on today’s show-a 253 unit building in San Antonio Texas which he is going to turn around and exit in about 5 years for more than a $10M projected profit. 


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