56 minutes | Dec 4, 2020

Episode 172: How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax Using a Deferred Sales Trust or Like Kind Exchange with Carl Worden

Carl & I Discuss How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax:

  • Legal Structure of the Deferred Sales Trust

  • Conservation Easement: How Donald Trump Avoids Tax

  • Sell any Highly Appreciated Asset and Defer Tax


1031 or Like Kind Exchange:

  • Defer Tax on the Entire Gain

  • Real Estate Investor Tax Strategy

  • Short Deadline on Reinvesting Proceeds

  • Like Kind-Limits Asset Types


Deferred Sales Trust:

  • Avoid Capital Gains on Sale Proceeds

  • Real Estate Investor Tax Strategy

  • No Deadline on Reinvesting Proceeds

  • Works with ANY Appreciated Asset


Relevant Episodes:

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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