29 minutes | Jul 23rd 2020

Branding for Land Marketing

Amy is the founder of their land investing company and Amber was once a marketing director for an ad agency so you'll want to see exactly what they're doing from a marketing perspective.  

They both join us on this episode to talk all about their experience with branding for marketing land and how they think it makes a difference for their business.

Listen to this episode:

  • what they are doing to keep a consistent branding
  • what marketing channels they focus on
  • tools, software, and processes that help with their branding

Show notes:

  1. Hire mom's for your business - hiremymom.com
  2. Free design application - Canva.com
  3. Social media and Instagram scheduler - buffer.com
  4. Email autoresponder - mailchimp.com
  5. Email autoresponder - mailerlite.com
  6. Visit Amy's land investing site - wevegotland.com