49 minutes | Feb 23, 2021

Grow Your Brand Quickly with Adam Adams

Our guest today is Adam Adams, a multifamily investor and podcaster. In this episode, we talk about growing your brand, building lasting influence in your industry, and why podcasting might be the best way to network. If you’re ready to become a thought leader and build a strong presence in your industry, then this episode is for you! Learn more about Adam and his journey at reiclarity.com! “I would say that real estate is pretty much the biggest, and most common people business.”   05:00 Adam talks about the importance of building a brand as a real estate investor. Real estate is a people business, so the best way to get to know as many people as possible is to have a strong brand and build a community around it.   According to him, people have to go through 4 steps before they decide to invest with you. They get to know you first, then like you, trust you and eventually be ready to work with you.    Therefore Adam suggests thinking backward, and focus on networking. In his experience, if you want to have 1 deal, you’ve got to have 10 people who trust you, 100 who like you, and 1000 who know you. “When you have your own thought leadership platform, you're going to be booked on so many other podcasts so much easier. And it's going to be less costly as well.”   08:27 Adam shares his 3 pillars of influence that will help you to get in front of people as the first step of your funnel. Have a thought leadership platform: This can be a podcast, a book, a Facebook group, etc. Meet in person: Organize a meeting, a conference, a workshop offline or online. The goal is to meet people face to face. Build your social media presence.   The fastest way out of these 3 pillars is to have a thought leadership platform, and the best way to that is to start a podcast. “If you have the financial means to outsource and work on the business instead of in the business, so on the podcast, instead of tedious editing, that'll be a huge help for you.”   18:26 Although there are approximately 1.9M podcasts as of 2021, it is still a growing market. Every business owner has a place in the industry, you just need to know your avatar, and be consistent.   For business owners who want to start a podcast, Adam recommends outsourcing the production, and do at least 1 episode a week. Consistency is key when trying to get onto the podcast charts, so streamlining your production is important. 39:30 At the end of the episode, Adam picks action steps from the REI Clarity Framework that are the most valuable for him. These are the “Know Your Strategy”, “Find the Money”,  “Grow Your Community”, and “Take the Risk”.   Out of these 4, “Find the Money” is the most important step according to Adam, even more important than finding the deal.    The steps to take before finding a deal: Get educated. Find a strong market. Build out your team in that market. Raise the money and try to get at least 66% pre-commitments. Find a good deal. Mentioned in the show: https://realbluespruce.com/ growyourshow.com www.shineinsurance.com/reiclarity   The REI Clarity Framework   Learn how to grow your portfolio and reach incredible success the right way! Visit us here for everything you need to know: www.shineinsurance.com/reiclarity.    Special thanks to Adam Adams for taking the time to share so many great insights with us   If you enjoyed this podcast, there’s a couple of things we need you to do right now:    SUBSCRIBE to REI Clarity on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts    While your there, please RATE & REVIEW the show    SHARE with friends   Finally, please, JOIN the REI Clarity Facebook Group Then, please share the show with whoever you think it will inspire. Until the next time, We truly appreciate you listening. Need the REI Insurance Guy? More great stories & information at: Youtube - Blog - Podcast Facebook - Twitter
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