54 minutes | Dec 26th 2018

Anna Jones-Crabtree, Doug Crabtree, & Paul Neubauer (Vilicus Farms)

Anna Jones-Crabtree, Doug Crabtree, and their new Farm Operations Foreman Paul Neubauer discuss building a new agrarian community, the role of long-term mentorship, and important moments in their respective agrarian journeys. Paul is the new Farm Operations Foreman at at Vilicus Farms, an organic, dryland crop farm in Northern Hill County, Montana founded by Anna Jones-Crabtree and Doug Crabtree. Since 2009, Vilicus Farms has grown to a 7,400-acre organic farming operation with a conservation-based ethic. In addition to stewarding their land, Anna and Doug are also committed to cultivating beginning farmers. They launched a beginning organic farmer apprenticeship program in 2013 to build their community in Northern Montana. We hope you enjoy the inaugural episode of the Regeneration Rising podcast. 
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