15 minutes | May 25, 2021

Temptation's One-Two Punch

Temptation and Accusation are some of the strongest and most used tools of the devil(s) in making us feel like we are not worth it, we are weak, we will never heal and so many other lies he whispers to us. Temptation's One-Two Punch hurts!In this episode, we’re diving into the whys of temptation and the ways in which this deceiving intruder tries to get at us.A left jab gets us on our heels, and the right cross comes in fast and knocks us off our feet. This is right where the devil wants us.The truth is, that God is in the ring with us. He is beside us as we continue to fight and even when we fall against this sneaky enemy we have. When it comes to sexuality and the lies we believe, we must equip ourselves with truth.Let us equip ourselves and one another as our next step to “Becoming Whole.”Highlights:Temptation is a normal human experience for men and women living in a fallen world, including saved men and women, Christian men, and women who have a new identity in Christ....the real power of the accusation is when we when you bite on it when you start agreeing with the accuser and saying, you know what, you're right. You're right.Freedom does not necessarily mean that you are free from the feeling of temptation. Freedom means you have the power to say no to that temptation.Homework:Questions for Reflection:Where is he attacking you?What are you believing about yourself because of what he whispers?Where do you feel shame? (Identify it and maybe seek Healing or Listening Prayer for it)You can read even more about this from Josh at Is This One-Two Punch From the Enemy Taking You Out?Transcription:Full Transcription Available hereSupport Becoming Whole
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