14 minutes | Jul 27, 2021

Parenting Pioneers

Parents, we are living in a digitally connected, sexually saturated world. Being a mom or dad in this day and age can feel more like Pioneer Parenting.  We are the first generation to raise kids in a world that is globally connected, 24/7.   And the internet can be tough competition, especially when it comes to talking to our kids about sex. When you’re too tired or too uncomfortable to have “The Talk” with your son or daughter; the internet is always ready and willing to answer any question. No filter. The internet is never going to be stumped by their questions.  In fact, our kids have access to words and ideas we’ve never heard of. So Parenting Pioneers, how do we handle this? As your kids wonder, don’t let them wander. Questions about sex come from natural, normal curiosity. Your kids need you, not a search engine. Listen in for encouragement and look to the Homework section for practical tips to equip you as you navigate the world alongside your child.Highlights:We are the first generation to raise kids in world that is both digitally connected, sexually saturated.We as moms or dads, in this digital age, have to step up or game in regards to parenting kids in this generation.The internet’s never going to say “You’re too young to be asking that question.”Homework:Start having important, age-appropriate conversations with your kids while they’re young.More conversations, more comfort. While it may feel awkward and awful at first, don’t limit you or your child to just one intense conversation. Keep the dialogue open and ongoing. The more conversations you have with your child, the more relaxed you’ll both feel about them.Find adults in your community to help bear your insecurities and burdens, to practice conversations with them.Extras:Check out Josh's new book - Treading Boldly through a Pornographic World: A Field Guide for ParentsFor more on this topic, check our latest article Why Parents Are Better Than the InternetTranscription:Full Transcription Available hereSupport Becoming Whole
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