64 minutes | Aug 15, 2019

James Fitzgerald on winning the CrossFit Games, theoretical development of an athlete and competing

James Fitzgerald, owner and founder of OPEX, joins the show to talk about him winning the 2007 CrossFit Games, how to develop as a competitive athlete in the sport of fitness and how often people should be competing.  FitzGerald, has dedicated his life to bringing honor to the coaching profession. OPEX Coaching Education and Gyms Licensing Programs provide coaches with the tools needed to professionalize their passion. The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) reflects his 25 plus years of coaching expertise and is set apart by providing comprehensive coaching theory as well as practical application of its principles. OPEX continues to educate thousands of coaches around the world each year through a dynamic digital platform and live courses. In early 2019, James achieved another career milestone with the release of Mixed Modal, a groundbreaking course designed to educate coaches on the long-term development of competitive functional fitness athletes.  To lean more about James and OPEX Fitness visit opexfit.com and opexgyms.com.
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