2 minutes | May 18, 2021

#268 Journey to Freedom

This is Karl Bimshas, with a point of personal privilege, pride, and admiration. My father arrived in the United States on this date in 1949. You can read about it in his memoir, "Escaping War: Our Journey to Freedom" by John Bimshas => https://www.amazon.com/Escaping-War-Our-Journey-Freedom/dp/1983678015 Squeezed between Soviet Communists and Nazi Fascists during World War Two, my grandfather lead his family and a small group of others out of Lithuania as refugees. My grandmother argued with German soldiers, and to safely navigate between the two forces, my grandfather regularly gathered intelligence. Once, my grandfather and father were on the back of a train, my grandmother and aunt in the front, when the middle was bombed and destroyed. My father witnessed many horrors and atrocities through war-torn Europe during his trek. Yet on this day, after several years of displacement, he happily arrived via Boston Harbor. Any leadership I provide pales in comparison to that of my dad and his family. I will never tire of helping others improve their leadership, particularly immigrants, and I will vehemently oppose proponents of fascism, communism, and autocratic rule. Thanks, Dad. I’m glad you made the trip. *** Learn more about Karl Bimshas Consulting and stay up to date: http://www.bimshasconsulting.com/contact/sign-up/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KarlBimshas Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/KarlBimshas/ LinkedIn Business Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/karlbimshasconsulting/ Leadership Swag: Visit LeadershirtsPlus.com Books by Karl Bimshas: http://bit.ly/BimBooks Thank you. Keep advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams and help others along the way. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/karlbimshas/message
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