6 minutes | Apr 26, 2021

#263 Lead Your Way Out

There are no shortages of serious problems yearning to be solved. Pick one, then use this outline below to take action. Write down the problem or challenge that you need to solve. Describe the desired state that could exist without the problem. Describe why that state is desired. Create a specific and measurable goal to make your intention clear and tangible. Set criteria on how to find solutions to the problem. Brainstorm a list of alternative solutions. Narrow the list and pick the "best few" options. Assess each option's feasibility and potential risks versus gains. Reach a tentative agreement with the problem's stakeholders. Put some resources toward the best fallback plan. Firm up the final decision and announce it to those affected. Develop an action plan to go forward. Implement the action plan with confidence, commitment, and passion. Review, assess and celebrate progress. *** At Karl Bimshas Consulting, our vision is to create environments where great leaders outnumber lousy leaders, and better leadership is the norm, not the exception. Your support of the Reflections on Leadership podcast helps move us even closer to that vision. Thank you! *** About Reflections on Leadership: Leadership advisor, writer, and no BS accountability partner, Karl Bimshas, shares quick reflections on leadership, and interviews other busy professionals, to challenge your perspective, provide inspiration, and give insights to help you manage better and lead well. Read the Reflections on Leadership blog here => bimshasconsulting.com/blog Disposable Journal: The booklet-sized journal with a week’s worth of daily prompts, designed for you to take on your biggest challenges. Portable, insightful, personal, and disposable => www.disposablejournal.com *** Learn more about Karl Bimshas Consulting and stay up to date: http://www.bimshasconsulting.com/contact/sign-up/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KarlBimshas Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/KarlBimshas/ LinkedIn Business Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/karlbimshasconsulting/ More resources => LearnFromKarl.com Leadership Swag: Visit LeadershirtsPlus.com Books by Karl Bimshas: http://bit.ly/BimBooks Thank you. Keep advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams and help others along the way. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/karlbimshas/message
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