18 minutes | Apr 29, 2020

How we grew from $1M to $4M in revenue

For three years, my agency Jakt hovered around $1.5M to $2M in revenue. From 2017 to 2018, we jumped from $1.7M to $4M. That’s a 134% increase. How did we suddenly break through after a three-year dry spell? You see… There’s no silver bullet, just as there’s no “ONE thing” that I did to finally grow past the threshold we were stuck at. It was the opposite in fact. From changing the type of customer we serviced and the type of engagement we had with them… … to varying the type of projects we accepted from short to long-term... I realized Jakt couldn’t grow past the $2M if we kept things the same. And in this podcast, I’ll be sharing with you the exact steps we took to do just that. I’ll be touching on… - The type of customer we first served at Jakt and why did we have low retention with them (2:03) - What I realized was necessary to grow to $4M (5:05) - Why our first customers didn’t want to bring our services in-house, and how this affected retention (6:04) - How I changed the frame we set with new customers so we worked for more extended periods (7:50) - Why offering services that were super important to their businesses - but not the main priority - helped us grow immensely (9:58)
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