20 minutes | Apr 29, 2020

How To Generate New Business Through Channel Partners

People ask me all the time: How do you get new business? And I wish I could tell you there’s some magic trick or a super awesome FB Ads formula… But it’s actually really simple: referrals and partnerships. In today’s podcast, I dive into the strategic approach for channel partnerships we used at Jakt to funnel new business, and the steps you should take to build your social capital. I’ll touch on: - How I got new business when I started Jakt with no money (2:14) - Why time and cost constraints lead to creativity in finding new customers (3:35) - How we applied channel partnerships as a software agency to funnel new business (4:55) - How referrals allow you to draft trust from the beginning and increase close rates (8:18) - The different types of people that you can partner up with (9:09) - The downsides to referrals (12:11) - One of the best ways to form a partnership with someone (15:05)
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