52 minutes | Aug 15, 2019

The Right Stuff with Josh Horowitz and Brett Stillo

Breaking the sound barrier. Going to space. The story didn't require a ton of embellishing to make a great movie. These pilots had the right stuff and speed was their life - from the planes they flew to the horses they rode to the cars they drove. Our good friends Josh Horowitz and Brett Stillo from the 5 Minutes of Trouble and 5 Minutes of Banzai podcasts join us once again to talk about a great 1980's movie that gave us real heroes in some really cool 1950's cars. Make sure you subscribe to Reels and Wheels on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play and leave us some feedback! @SidBridgeComedy, @S2KJames And find 5 Minutes of Trouble here: http://5minutesoftrouble.com/
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