45 minutes | Nov 26, 2019

Redline with Remi Treuer

If there's one thing to be said for animation, it's that the sky's the limit. Whatever craziness is hiding in your imagination - if you're good enough to draw it - can become a movie. Redline is a 2009 animated film that takes inspiration from all over the place - Death Race 2000, Aeon Flux, Aliens - you name it! This movie has dystopian governments, mutant bio-weapons, cyborgs, over-the-top hot rods, and a hero who sports a pompadour.  Joining us for this episode is Anime aficionado Remi Treuer, who drops plenty of knowledge on us as we try to process this insane movie. Find Remi at SayTheXPod.com and @SayTheXPod on social - don't forget to follow @SidBridgeComedy and @S2KJames and leave us some feedback!
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