62 minutes | Dec 3, 2020

Gung Ho with Jason Torchinsky

Can American auto workers get along with their new Japanese bosses? That was the big question in the mid-1980's as Ron Howard's Gung Ho, inspired by real events, tried to tackle the subject as an inspirational comedy. In hindsight, it's an awkward movie to watch, riddled with racist/xenophobic assumptions about both the Japanese and American auto workers. But hey, we need to talk about the cars! And joining us is Jason Torchnisky, Jalopnik writer, published author of Robot Take the Wheel, and legendary Changli owner! The cars of the fictional Assan Motors are represented mostly by Fiat Regattas, but the movie has quite a few interesting featured cars! Find Jason Torchinsky at Jalopnik.com or on social media @JasonTorch / @JasonTorchinsky and remember to subscribe to Reels and Wheels and leave some feedback!
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