60 minutes | Jul 1, 2019

Black Moon Rising with Christian Lee

Did you know that a young, often shirtless Tommy Lee Jones starred in a 1986 heist movie with Linda Hamilton where they had to steal a Knight Rider-esque concept car?  Neither did we! Thanks to our friend and guest from Plaid Dad Blog, Christian Lee for turning us on to this obscure movie that's so packed with 1980's tropes you'll automatically grow a mullet while watching it. Once we get past all the bizarre casting choices and plot contrivances, there's a hell of a story to tell about the hero car, the Wingho Concordia II. Listen to this one. It's good. Find Christian at Plaid Dad Blog and at Dadsews.com as well as his many other projects!  @ReelsandWheels @S2KJames @SidBridgeComedy Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Play!
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