60 minutes | Jun 29, 2021

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Mostly in Brooklyn, But Also In Other BoroughsOn this week’s show we will speak with the people behind the newest exhibition “Stoop Stories” at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum.My guests will be Hana Elwell, Vice President of Exhibits and Education at the Museum; and Marj Kleinman and Lara Weinberg, producers and creators of this inspiring work.Tune in for this fascinating conversation at TalkRadio.nyc or watch the Facebook Livestream by clicking here.Show NotesSegment 1Today’s first guest is Hana Elwell who is the Vice President of Exhibit and Education at the Brooklyn Children's Museum. In 1998, she was drawn to New York due to its art and culture. She loved how she was surrounded by what she loved as soon as she moved. Her professional path started working at the museum in Brooklyn. It is her responsibility to plan museum exhibitions and decide which stories will be told. Hana states that one of their main goals is to provide a safe space for everyone to learn and be inspired, not just kids. The museum was founded in 1899 making it the first children’s museum in the world.Segment 2Children’s museums are important because they provide a positive environment for families. During the pandemic, the museum was shut down but everyone is now glad that the missing energy and laughter has returned. There has been plenty of great feedback on the new exhibitions and return overall. The museum hosts an exhibit called stoop stories. This is their way of reflecting the way they want people to feel when entering by putting photos of families on their home stoop on the walls. Many people viewed the wall as a sign that they are not alone as a community.Segment 3The next two guests played a major role in creating stoop stories. Their names are Marj Kleinman and Lara Weinberg. They are both New York natives. Today, both of them live in the neighborhoods they grew up in. Stoop stories is their first involvement with the museum. They were pleased how they got to work together on this project after wanting to collaborate for a while. Marj got inspired to create stoop stories after interviewing people on their stoops. Currently, they are trying to expand the exhibit by adding more neighborhoods and boroughs.Segment 4The two are the co-producers and co-creators of stoop stories. Lara says that this exhibition is different from others because they go to you and share your story and message. They come to them so that people are more likely to be their most authentic selves. Some people are sought out by them while others are more likely to reach out. Many people find relief and relaxation in sharing their story. People can share their own stories at stoopstories.net.
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