61 minutes | Mar 23, 2021

NYC Women at the Forefront, Past & Present

On This Week’s show we will celebrate Women’s History Month by looking at some remarkable New York women you may not have heard of who’ve made great contributions through their work, and achievements. My guests will be returning Rediscovering New York expert Joyce Gold, Founder of Joyce Gold History Tours; Wendy Hilliard, the first African American rhythmic gymnast to compete on a U.S. national team and founder of the Wendy Hilliard Gymnastics Foundation; &Alexis Page, former US National Rhythmic Gymnast and Head Coach at the Foundation.

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Show NotesSegment 1

On tonight’s show, we’re celebrating women’s history month with an important woman from our past as well as The present. Our first Guest is Joyce Gold History. She's been doing tours for 40 years, and on her tour, she discusses famous women like Elizabeth Irwin, She was an educator at the beginning of the 20th century. She had different ideas about teaching. On the way to go about it. She wanted to let the children experience what they were learning about by letting them go on the field trips instead of lecturing them. They Ended up firing her. She lost her job but she got offered a church to use a classroom because some people really loved the way she taught children. Henrietta Rodman was another woman who impacted our education system. Henrietta was a member Liberal club in the emergency park and they did not allow African-Americans to join; she was against it and ended up leaving the club because of it. If you want to find out more about Joyce this is toward you can go to Joyce gold historytour.com or you can check her out on Instagram at Joyce gold history tours.

Segment 2

Because of the pandemic Joyce is now doing private tours. She’s designing some new tours for Rose Hill, The Hudson square, and many more. Maple Dodge She had a salon where once a week she would choose a topic like Margaret Sanger,Contraception Labor movement. She wanted to create a space where nothing was off-limits and women didn’t have to feel restricted about their conversations. Ida Tarbell was a woman from western Pennsylvania who had traveled to Paris, a very sophisticated woman. Her father ended up going into business with Rockefeller but, shortly after became bankrupt. Ida is responsible for pulling back the curtain on big business and really bringing to light the monopoly of it and how it works.

Segment 3

Our next guests are Wendy Hilliard Wendy is a gymnastics Hall of Fame member. She was the first African-American woman To represent the US rhythmic gymnastics and coached a 1996 Olympian And was the first black president of the women’s Sports foundation. In 1996 she founded The Windee Hillford gymnastics foundation. Which provides free low cost Gymnastics for 55,000 Youth in New York City. Alongside Wendy is Alexis Page, and she was raised in Harlem in 2003 she joined The Hilliard gymnastics foundation. 2009 Fifth on the rhythmic gymnastics Junior National team.From there she’s completed all over the world.Wendy got inspired at 12 years old by watching gymnastics on television that’s where it all started. Alexis just started doing flips and kind of acrobatics at home and it just went from there.

Segment 4

Alexis Found a great opportunity through Wendy’s program and now she is Head Coach there. They have a program where they started doing it 18 months ago. Introduction to gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics opens the door for you young people to learn about music and how to take care of their bodies and it’s something that can help you in all different aspects. This organization really has come full circle with Alex and opened the doors for so many kids.

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