47 minutes | Feb 9, 2021

Whitney West: Grieving The Life You Had

Whitney West: Grieving The Life You Had   Episode Introduction Sometimes, life gets awfully messy and unpredictable en route to reaching your goals. Recentering yourself and accepting the changes that you are to undergo could be overwhelming. But remember, those are the times that actually trick you into discovering what you are truly capable of! Have you been wanting to battle your way out through challenges to living the life you have always wanted to? The keys to your happiness and fulfillment often lie in your insides. Take a moment to listen in to this insightful conversation today with the incredibly inspiring Whitney West, who shares her powerful journey of finding light in the darkest times of her illness and discusses how truth and acceptance are her ultimate superpowers!   About Our Guest Whitney West is a success strategist, coach, speaker, and the face of her brand The Whitney West. Her mission is to help chronically ill women strategize ways to redesign their lives and successfully overcome obstacles that prevent them from living abundantly despite their diagnoses. She offers one on one coaching, group coaching, and speaking and has also created a community for black women with chronic illnesses on Facebook called Sistas with Chronic Illnesses. This community is a safe space for black women to discuss the struggles they go through with their chronic illnesses that are unique to our population.   Episode Summary Whitney West was diagnosed with a rare chronic illness that depleted her body of the required oxygen levels severely. She was alone, frustrated, and depressed. Managing her everyday work was inexplicably draining, both physically and mentally. She shares how she was fortunate to have found a good listener in her doctor, who helped her realize, accept and face the challenges that came her way. Whitney shares how she stepped on to relearning herself and how the death of her close friend who was battling a chronic illness herself, changed her in deeper ways. Whitney’s friend passed away doing what she really loved to. She realized that there is no perfect time to do what you have to do. We learn the importance of advocating for yourself by asking for help when you actually require it.   Episode Quotes “People do not understand that their healing is in their hands, the moment they have an awareness of what is going on.”- Herdyne “Anytime you ignore something, you're gonna run right into it.”- Whitney “I didn't want to be stagnant. I didn't want to stay the same.”- Whitney “I strongly believe if you really want to get to a place where you're at restoration, where you feel hold, and you feel like you can, whatever you face, you can move forward in faith, you first got to tell the truth.”- Herdyne “What comes with truth is freedom. Freedom for you to be yourself, freedom for you to show up. And freedom to realize who was really in your corner.”- Herdyne “It's harder to convince somebody that they can live a life of abundance and happiness if they haven't even begun to get on that journey.”- Whitney   Redefining Grief Pearls of Wisdom, P.O.W., Questions What have you learned about yourself since redefining the grief? [43:04] That I am resilient. I always can find the light. It's like no matter how dark things get, I'll always bounce back. If today was your last day on earth, and you have the opportunity to say five words or less, what would those words be? [44:04] Life is generous.  It's just like the sky is beautiful today. Despite everything else, those small moments and just being thankful for having experienced such beautiful things, I would just say life is just life. During your dark times, was there a song that got you through? If so, what is that song? [45:33] I Love The Lord by Whitney Houston. That song is very touching for me.   Episode Time-Stamps [04:54]- Whitney shares her journey [14:25]- Google searches gave no solid information about her illness [19:35]- Grieving the old Whitney and accepting changes [34:00]- Asking for help and being honest [35:57]- On allowing herself to mourn and then driving the purposeful living [38:39]- Whitney shares what her group is about   Connect with Whitney Website: thewhitneywest.com Email: info@thewhitneywest.com Instagram: com/thewhitneywest Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thewhitneywest Other: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=17012988   This episode is brought to you by our supportive, informative, and complimentary Grief Crusader Community. 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