58 minutes | Mar 2, 2021

Patrice Washington - Redefining Wealth

Patrice Washington - Redefining Wealth Episode Introduction This is a special episode of the Redefining Grief Podcast. Our guest today is my dearest friend and personal business coach, Patrice Washington. She is a professional finance expert, America's money Maven turned holistic lifestyle innovator, award-winning author, and host of the Redefining Wealth podcast. She has used her podcast to teach millions of people that wealth is much more than money and not materialistic things. And I'm one of those individuals that she has taught that to. If passion is about what energizes you, and purpose is what defines how you serve others. Why are money, influence, prestige, and notoriety not important things to consider in life? Patrice explains why she doesn't think there is anything wrong with considering them essential. She also explains what the truth about her journey has been for her. She believes God is calling her to teach the women that she serves that this journey doesn't have to have all this stress, struggle, and strife, that if we are indeed in alignment, there are so many things that we will be attracted to. She believes the Lord is teaching her how to be still. Patrice has, for years, tried to earn her family's love. She has always wanted to earn their affection. Growing up feeling really ugly about her appearance, she felt really unloved and unworthy, was teased in school for all the things, and always thought that she needed to earn love, so she became addicted to achievement. This brought her to get a real estate license at 19 and become a broker at 21, and though all this sounds great on paper, they were not done from a place of just being purpose-driven. It wasn't until she started therapy at 22 and started to work through those things she began to dig into her purpose. There was a lot of unlearning and undoing, healing, and forgiveness, and it took her to reach a point of stillness and forgive everyone who never even asked for it. Patrice says, if you don't heal, whatever the grief and the trauma is, there's no separating, that. If things linger unresolved, there's no active healing going on. They are going to deal with you. And it is better to be proactive in dealing with them than reactive. Patrice also talks about the importance of showing up confidently in whatever you do. She explains how you start feeling very differently about yourself by sharing how she could forgive others and live a better life that way. As she rightly shares today, at a certain point, as your purpose starts to evolve, you realize that every opportunity that comes is not for you. Listen in to experience the magnitude of Patrice's words for yourself! About Our Guest Patrice Washington is a professional finance expert, America's money Maven turned holistic lifestyle innovator, award winning author, and host of the Redefining Wealth podcast. She shares with her listeners on the podcast, the many stories, principles, and practical examples, based on her six pillars of wealth. She guides you step by step through the process to create a life of peace, purpose, and prosperity. Patrice’s thoughts on wealth and purpose are truly unparalleled and is wisdom that needs to be shared. Episode Quotes ● “I want the women I serve to understand and then that's why I say we chase purpose, not money.” - Patrice [9:56] ● “I realized that at a certain point, as your purpose starts to evolve, every opportunity that comes is not for you.” - Patrice [14:09] ● “In order for us to get to a place where we are actively healing, we have to commit to being uncomfortable.“ - Herdyne [19:30] ● “I believe that I'm learning to truly detach from what the world would see as, quote, unquote, success.” - Patrice [20:08] ● “Just because you learn how to surrender something on one level, doesn't mean you've learned how to surrender in other areas of your life ”- Patrice [22:53] ● “If there are things that are lingering, unresolved, there's no active healing going on. They are going to deal with you. And I'd rather be proactive in dealing with them than reactive”- Patrice [33:40] Redefining Grief Pearls of Wisdom, P.O.W., Questions ● What have you learned about yourself since redefining your grief journey? [50:02] Keep defining wealth for yourself. ● If today was your last day on earth, and you were granted five words or less? What would it be? [50:36] Since redefining the grief in my life, there was nothing wrong with me to begin with. ● During your hard times, what's that one song that just gets you through? [52:20] Speak to my heart by Donnie McClurkin Episode Time-Stamps ● [09:31] - Patrice shares why she does what she does ● [12:21] - The importance of being still ● [13:28] - What purpose really means to her ● [20:08] - Learning to detach from the world ● [24:27] - Why faith, obedience, and trust are your key driving factors ● [31:23] - Patrice shares her backstory with us and how it all started Reference Links ● YouTube link to Patrice’s favorite song: 1. Speak to my heart by Donnie McClurkin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud-YSDFTboQ ● Book: 1. Redefining Wealth for Yourself by Patrice Washington Connect with Patrice ● Website: https://patricewashington.com/ ● LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/patricecunninghamwashington ● Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/seekwisdompcw ● Facebook: http://facebook.com/SeekWisdomPCW This episode is brought to you by our supportive, informative, and complimentary Grief Crusader Community. 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