43 minutes | Feb 16, 2021

Latrese Kabuya: Overcoming The Odds

Latrese Kabuya: Overcoming The Odds   Episode Introduction   Any pain that you bury inside would keep resurfacing until you deal with it the way you're supposed to. Do you wish to come out of all that is eating up your mental space? Whatever it is that you're going through right now emotionally,  I want to tell you that you're going to feel pumped and ready to overcome it. Get ready to tackle it with confidence and grace as my guest today shows you how she did it right.   Join me on this episode of the Redefining Grief podcast as I speak with the powerful Latrese Kabuya, who shares how she's had to actively get to a place where she had to tell the truth to overcome the pain she was burdened with. Learn about the moving journey Latrese had in life and how truth and faith had her come out of the many challenges she was hit with, in life.   It wouldn't be difficult to realize that Latrese was overwhelmed with the challenges that came her way. Years back, Latrese had lost her oldest child, oldest sister, had faced a rough divorce, and was a single mother. Added to this, she was looked upon for her body figure and had also faced molestation. She felt disconnected from God, her belief system was shattered. When things like "If you cry, that means you don't have faith in God", "God took her because he needed an angel", "You're tough, you'll be okay" burdened her even more.   She did not grieve; until 20 years later, when she cried herself out through the misery— Latrese recollects how this started her healing process. When you don't face it, it keeps manifesting in very stressful ways. She put her faith in God only to realize she was blessed. However hard life could get, he had his presence over her and loved her no matter what. Latrese also shares how she made her way out of her divorce from her ex-husband and how eventually, she found love in her husband today.   Connecting strongly with God not only helped her heal herself but had her discover and redefine herself in unimaginable ways. She got the strength to endure and never quit. When she changed her mindset about her purpose, her value increased.   Sometimes, what you require is to pause and introspect. If Latrese could find her purpose in life, it was because she faced and told the truth. The Truth anchor is real. Listen in and learn how this conversation could resonate with you too!   About Our Guest Latrese Kabuya is a recognized empowerment speaker, coach, makeup artist, beauty consultant, and media personality. She is the Founder of Let's Get P.R.E.T.T.Y.™, a company dedicated to bringing in a complete lineup of cruelty-free makeup, and It's All About You™, an Empowerment Seminar for young girls. Latrese’s primary passion for uplifting and encouraging others is achieved through her empowerment coaching. Her motivational speaking is frequently sought-after and featured on her Monday Motivation radio segment, Men and Women’s Wellness seminars, editorials for The RealKC & SheKC Lifestyle, beauty clinics, and more. Her journey not only moves anyone listening but also inspires them to make the best out of the gift of life!   Episode Quotes   “If you don't deal with it, it's gonna manifest, it's gonna keep coming up.” - Latrese [11:09] “Oftentimes, I really do believe that we get so caught up in the business of life, in the business of what people told us how we should heal, that we don't even realize that we're being stagnant emotionally.” - Herdyne [12:43] “I allow myself I give myself permission to deal with the emotion that is attached to it.” - Latrese [15:13] “When I started getting a hold of the Word of God and it started resonating in my spirit, that's how I started healing from the inside out. “ - Latrese [25:28] “What's so interesting about my past is because I always dealt with insecurities and issues and self-esteem. But I was this makeup artist, you know. And so I was always making people pretty on the outside. “ Latrese [21:07]   Redefining Grief Pearls of Wisdom, P.O.W., Questions   What have you learned about yourself since redefining your grief journey? [37:36]   That I'm powerful, that I have value and purpose. And that I am an overcomer. I went against all odds.     If today was your last day on earth, and you were granted five words or less? What would it be? [38:04]   Live your life on purpose.   During your hard times, what's that one song that just gets you through? [38:44] The Story I’ll Tell by Maverick City. Because it's talking about overcoming. It's talking about who God is in your life.   Episode Time-Stamps   [08:33] - Latrese’s thoughts on overcoming challenges [15:59] - How did healing from the inside out, look like for Latrese [19:33] - Dealing with divorce and how she came out of it [23:34] - About Latrese’s company [24:56] - How faith had her heal and redefine herself [29:08] - Latrese talks about knowing her husband     Reference Links YouTube link to Latrese’s favorite song (The Story I’ll Tell by Maverick City): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjY26wzFm2U   Connect with Latrese Website: https://www.latresekabuya.com/ Email: info@latresekabuya.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tresekabuya/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tresekabuya/   This episode is brought to you by our supportive, informative, and complimentary Grief Crusader Community. 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