32 minutes | May 27, 2022

Coffee Convo with Elaine Katz : Learning to Call Bullshit on Society's Definition of Success

Today's episode is SO EPIC as Elaine Katz and I open up about MONEY and the feelings associated with it. Together call total bullshit on society's definition of success. We break down the generational effects of how we learned to define success and shed light on the fact that NO ONE determines your success, but you.

Elaine is the owner of Carolina Pineapple. She is a Project Management Professional who is also an amazing Career + Money Coach for Women Entrepreneurs.

You guys, we shared laughs. we shed tears, but most importantly we had a totally freakin' honest conversation about our past struggles and how we completely shifted our mindset and outlook of our successful futures.

"YOU are the captain of this ship...so steer accordingly" -Elaine

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Until next time babe, keep pushing, keep dreaming, and let's keep on redefining fabulous.

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