28 minutes | Jan 3rd 2021

Where the Church Should Be NOW (with Dayvin Hallmon)

I first learned the name Dayvin Hallmon as founder and director of the Black String Triage Ensemble, committed to using music as the healing force for the soul in the immediate aftermath of community violence. If I’d been more aware, I would have already known his name from his service as the first openly gay, black Kenosha County supervisor. I was honored to collaborate with him a few years back when he led music at Redeemer as our guest. In my experience, Dayvin is that rare man who easily spins out ideas that you can’t believe no one has thought to do yet. He analyzes, challenges, and sometimes even afflicts. If you thought prophets were confined to the Old Testament, you clearly haven’t met Dayvin Hallmon.Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate?token=9hHjxUuhhogc12uVE0ApCBlabk0X1IKXUFde3nmrHQYA1gG27ACi4Y-yszuSVxzAySQ1EZugd6K-MdG_)
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