31 minutes | Feb 7th 2021

Under Arrest, Under God (with Mark Fraley)

Mark Fraley is a candidate for ordained ministry in the Presbyterian Church, yet he interned with us at Redeemer beginning in September 2019. His year with us included much more than the Sunday routine--anti-racism training in New Orleans, a week absorbing the Lutheran church’s witness in El Salvador, and pitching in as we shifted to online ministry last spring made it a most unusual internship experience. As Mark finishes his seminary education online, he volunteers most weeks at Redeemer’s Outdoor Pantry. I’ve asked him to come and talk about a particular Thursday last October--a Pantry day--that ended with handcuffs, time in back of a squad car, and several hours at the West Allis Police Departments. Mark has done some writing on the experience that he shared with me some time ago, and I was struck by how he lived the experience as a person, and an emerging leader or faith.Support the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate?token=9hHjxUuhhogc12uVE0ApCBlabk0X1IKXUFde3nmrHQYA1gG27ACi4Y-yszuSVxzAySQ1EZugd6K-MdG_)
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