40 minutes | Feb 27th 2015

Red7 Sports - Episode 34 - "Ready to Rumble"

FRIDAY (02/27) - RS7 Ep. 34 - "Ready to Rumble"  After years of anticipation, boxings next greated bout has been scheduled - Pacquioa vs. Mayweather, May 2nd. Your Red7 hosts, Dominc Hithon and Sama Rasul, take a dive 12 rounds deep with predicitions and pre-breakdown.  The NFL Combine is highlighted and the current state of the NBA - division leaders, injuries, and break-out stars - is discussed. You'll love Is-You-Wit-It and "Bitch You Guessin'" will have you rollin'.  Enjoy...and if you haven't watched HBO's "CitizenFour", hug your mom and get your life together. HOLLA! @Red7SportsPod - UberatedNetwork.com - Uberated@gmail.com