27 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

How to Stay in Your Own Shoes, Even When Your Spouse Is Off Track

Would you like to be at a place in your marriage where you or your spouse are able to manage emotions even if the other struggles to do so? That is... a person who stays in "your own shoes?"Most of us want to be that person who is able to maintain our sense of self, even when our spouse is "off track" emotionally. We don't want to follow our spouse deep into that downward spiral of emotionality. So how do you avoid such a destructive "dance" with your partner? Today we talk about how you can stay in your own shoes without appearing to be disinterested in your spouse's wellbeing. In fact, you will discover how you can help your spouse and attend to your own emotional wellness.This episode is a must for any couple who is interested in living from a place of emotional strength and maturity! So let's get started!
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