39 minutes | May 4th 2020

Top Five Tips for Working with an Editor from Lara Bernhardt

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William Bernhardt discusses the latest news from the world of books, offers writing tips, and interviews Lara Bernhardt, author of Ghosts of Guthrie and editor-in-chief at Balkan Press.

Chapter One: Introduction
WriterCon 2020, William Bernhardt’s annual writers conference, will take place on September 4-7. Streaming options will provide an optional way to attend.

Chapter Two: News
a)Alaska School Board removes The Great Gatsby and other classics from the curriculum
b)UK protests arise when anonymous donation to indie bookstores is revealed to have come from…a surprising source.
c)Bookfinity.com helps readers find new books
d)The Internet Archive states that it will remove authors’ work (made available for download without compensation to authors) upon request. So Bill tests the claim…
e)COVID-19 Impact Report: Libraries see increases in eBooks and eMagazines borrowing. Print book sales are up 10% over the previous week. Major publishers are turning to POD for print editions. Bookstores are starting to reopen. Penguin Random House delays payment of advances.
f)Barnes & Noble delays payment of author royalties. Draft2Digital agrees to pay those author royalties to its authors out of its own pocket.
g)This may be a pivotal moment in the evolution of the publishing world.

Chapter Three: Writing Tips
Do you have conversations with your fictional characters? Don’t worry about it—a new study shows that most writers do. There’s nothing wrong with it—in fact, it may be a good way to make characters three-dimensional, to develop a voice, and to write convincing dialogue.

Chapter Four:
Lara Bernhardt, author of Ghosts of Guthrie and editor-in-chief of Balkan Press and Conclave magazine, offers a top five list of advice for writers working with authors.

Chapter Five: Parting Words
William Bernhardt’s new novel, Twisted Justice (Book 4 in the Daniel Pike series) is now on sale. Lara Bernhardt’s new novel, Ghosts of Guthrie (Book 3 in the Wantland Files series) is also on sale. WriterCon 2020 will happen, September 4-7 in Oklahoma City. For more information, visit: writercon.org.
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