34 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

Editing Excellence with Pierce Gaynor

Bestselling author William Bernhardt discusses the latest news from the world of books and interviews Pierce Gaynor, CEO of Fictional, an online AI prose editor for writers and publishers.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Bernhardt offers an online five-day writing workshop in December.
Big response to new tech programs for writers—including Fixional

Chapter 2: News
a) Writer is an online service that checks your manuscript for potentially offensive or otherwise problematic prose.
b) Joseph Esposito explains why Penguin Random House wants Simon & Schuster.
c) A new publishing startup, BookClub, helps authors create their own book clubs.
d) Amazon launches a similar book-club-creation service.
e) Barnes & Noble computer records were hacked.
f) Children's book sales are up.
g) Five years later, it appears the New York Times prediction about the demise of eBooks was incorrect.

Chapter 3: Interview
Bernhardt interviews Pierce Gaynor about his new online AI editing service, Fixional.

Chapter 4: Parting Words
It is not too late to register for Bernhardt's December small-group retreat. Visit: https://www.williambernhardt.com/writing-retreats

Keep writing!