39 minutes | Jun 29th 2020

Author Publishing Strategies with Joanna Penn

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Bestselling author William Bernhardt discusses the latest news from the world of books, offers writing tips, and interviews Joanna Penn, host of The Creative Penn podcast and the author of many novels and nonfiction books.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Dazzling Description: Painting the Perfect Picture is now on sale. This is the tenth volume in Bernhardt's series of books on writing fiction.

Chapter 2: News
a) Many writer organizations experience allegations and criticism for insufficient attention to minority representation, including International Thriller Writers, the National Critics Circle, and The Poetry Foundation.
b) The National Internet Archive has cancelled its plan to make free eBooks available online.
c) James Daunt announced that Barnes & Noble will increase its support of the Nook.
d) Apple announces that it is discontinuing iBooks Author.
e) The Guardian suggests that the COVID-19 lockdown may have a permanent impact on the way novels are written.

Chapter 3: Writing Tips
Sometimes it's difficult to come up with the perfect word or phrase to express exactly what you're trying to write. Bernhardt suggests several techniques for dealing with this problem, including a new online thesaurus called OneLook.

Chapter 4: Interview with Joanna Penn
Bernhardt interviews the author and host of The Creative Penn, who discusses the importance of committing to your writing, "going wide," distribution strategies, foreign rights for independent writers, advertising, and many other topics.

Chapter 5: Parting Words
Bernhardt has ten books in his Red Sneaker series on writing, and the annual writers conference he hosts every Labor Day weekend, WriterCon, will take place in Oklahoma City, though you can stream all sessions online for the same registration fee.

Dazzling Description: Painting the Perfect Picture
WriterCon 2020: www.writercon.org
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