30 minutes | Jul 23rd 2020

Podcast 109 - The 9 Truths To Help The Recruitment Search Business Owner

In today’s session, I want to share with you 9 truths around Recruitment / Search business owners that I found over the years. Now these times transition but there are 9 oberservations I have seen that pivot point to getting to an account or a pivot point that takes recruitment business down. 1. You Are Not a Recruiter Why you are business owner and not a recruiter. This simple shift changes the game. 2. If You Do Not Win Long Term, You Do Not Win Recruitment professionals by nature want it all yesterday. Fixing this is the key to rapid and sustainable scale. 3. Less Is More When It Comes To Search Recruitment is simple. But we complicate it. With Digital, Inbound and one to many automation teams from 35 reduce to 7 and make exponential more profit. 4. You Are The Point Of Success AND The Point Of Failure Every decision in your business runs through you. One year I went through 50 VA’s and blamed them. Getting this is a seismic shift. 5. Your Recruitment / Search Business Has 3 Simple Parts Leads and Candidates | Conversion | Delivery – then two processes follow. Optimisation and feedback. 6. Maintenance V Scale If you are spending all of your days ensuring the business is functioning but not spending time on controlled and measured scale. 7. Your Business Is As Good As Your Weakest Link Learning this the hard way is tough. It will feel like changing a wheel on your car at 90mph. Pre-empting this sets up a vacuum. 8. You Are Not Different I have spoken to hundreds probably 2000+ recruitment / search business owners. 99.9% time I get the phrase “ we are different because”. I know why you do it. Let’s solve it. 9. Your Decisions Define Your Business Success Revenue You are in business to make more money first. Revenue or profit will be your driver. The model you wish to leverage will soon follow. It always does. What are the key decisions? Join us here. We’ve got work to do! https://rmi.as.me/schedule.php Cheers, Andy PS If you want to know more about the Inner Circle, you can reach out to my Business Strategist Kristi and she’ll walk you through what we do inside. Click here to book a FREE appointment https://rmi.as.me/schedule.php