22 minutes | Jun 1, 2021

Ep 358: Data & Analytics Skills

As digital transformation accelerates even faster, the market for data analysts, data scientists and data engineers continues to grow exponentially. So how do employers make sense of this talent market to hire the right skills for their business, and can data science be applied to the process itself to drive better outcomes?My guest this week is Tim Freestone from Alooba, a company that is helping to answer these questions and change the way data and analytics skills are assessed. Our discussion is extensive, and Tim shares some valuable insights relevant not just to recruiting data professionals but also broader talent acquisition strategies.In the interview, we discuss:   ▪   Job definitions in data science and the current state of the talent market   ▪   Issues with traditional recruiting processes   ▪   Why the CV is a poor quality data set   ▪   Generating structured data around skills   ▪   Removing unconscious bias   ▪   Pragmatic analytics, automating repeatable tasks and human intelligence   ▪   How will recruiting evolve in the next 3 to 5 years?Listen to this podcast in Apple Podcasts.
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