21 minutes | May 27, 2021

Ep 357: ATS Integration

The idea of a TA Tech stack has gone mainstream very quickly. It makes perfect sense as employers look to have fit for purpose technology to support all elements of their talent acquisition strategy. While integration is a lot easier than it was a few years ago, there are still significant challenges that TA leaders need to understand and prepare for. So what are the key issues?My guest this week is the perfect person to talk us through the current market situation and provide some practical advice. Peter Gold has been working in the ATS market since day one and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience to share.In the interview, we discuss:   ▪   The current state of the ATS market   ▪   The key integration issues   ▪   Asking for evidence of integrations   ▪   Marketplaces   ▪   Marketing spin versus implementation reality   ▪   Challenges in volume   ▪   AI, humans and automation   ▪   Advice for TA LeadersListen to this podcast in Apple Podcasts.
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